anytime media and events


Anytime Media and Events (Pty) Ltd was started 8 years ago in order to publish the in-room Magazine for City Lodge Hotel Group.  We also published, Break Magazine for Matrics and various on board magazines for local airlines. After a couple of years City Lodge took the decision to go green and provide information to their guests online and the airline industry became too competitive with print options.

This made us change our model from print to online.  Our world just got much larger!  Social media exploded and with YouTube and Snapchat we could tell a story better online than we ever could in print.

Now with video and audio together with shorter versions of stories, advertisers could get better value for their money through “per impression” advertising. Allowing unique visitors to see their ads at a better value.

Ad material could be changed more frequently and research could be carried out on the data retrieved from interactive advertising. Visitors could be taken to the website or to editorial which now allowed interaction between advertiser and visitor.

It was time for Anytime Media to evolve into a bigger better digital world of mobile phones, tablets and laptops.  As corporates blocked Facebook and other social media, the mobile became a source of entertainment and keeping in touch with the social world.

welcome to the wonderful world of advertising

Anytime Media and Events (Pty) Ltd is a private company that manages, markets and designs advertising and animation for and on behalf of various corporates and medium sized companies.